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David and Goliath Pharma is a privately owned company licensed to operate across the value chain of medical cannabis, from strain enhancement, to cultivation, production, and distribution.  Our uncompromising commitment to patients is at the core of what we, ensuring they get a high quality and continuous supply of medical cannabis. Our teams have years of extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and medical cannabis industry.

We have a high-quality production facility and lab services in Israel

We employ advanced automated production and extraction methodologies

We match strains to symptoms to offer patients optimal therapeutic efficacy 

We ensuring a continuous supply for patients and provide exceptional customer service 

We operate across the medical cannabis value chain from cultivation to distribution

Goliath T20 C4 INDICA



Since we want to oversee and control the entire process of growing, producing, and distributing medical-grade cannabis products, we carry out the entire cannabis breeding process. We implement a variety of techniques and work according to strict protocols in order to grow high-quality strains, especially with identical components, in all growth cycles.


We’ve set up a state-of-the-art facility in the industrial area of the Be’er Tuvia Regional Council in southern Israel. Our facility is in strict compliance with the Israeli IMC-GMP standard and the EU-GMP European standard. We employ innovative technology to extract cannabis inflorescence for medical use, which enables the production of advanced cannabis products composed of the precise ratio of active ingredients. All processes and machinery in the facility are designed, produced, and operated in order to properly maintain the quantity and quality of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant.


The goal of all growth processes is to deliver a product that is grown, processed, and shipped while preserving its original qualities.


We are committed to ongoing research in order to improve the quality of care and assist patients through the use of medical-grade cannabis.
David and Goliath partner in cutting-edge research, some already in its advanced stages, in order to improve the quality of medical cannabis treatment, as well as to tailor treatment to each patient according to their specific needs. Our main focus is to overcome one of the greatest barriers for medical cannabis, which is routes of administration and their efficacy. Our R&D department, in collaboration with third party experts, are working on additional routes of administration.

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